HELCOM Thematic assessment of economic and social analysis for the Baltic Sea

April, 2023.

K.Pakalniete (AKTiiVS) is among the contributors of the HELCOM “Thematic assessment of economic and social analyses 2016-2021”, which was released in April 2023.

The HELCOM “Thematic assessment of economic and social analyses 2016-2021” (available at https://helcom.fi/post_type_publ/holas3_esa) is one of the thematic assessments of the third HELCOM holistic assessment (HOLAS III), which provides a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem health of the Baltic Sea, covering the assessment period of 2016–2021 (https://helcom.fi/baltic-sea-trends/holistic-assessments/state-of-the-baltic-sea-2023/). 

The economic and social analyses linked to the marine environment give a valuable perspective on the relationship between society and the environment with the aim to provide relevant information to inform decision-making.The economic and social analyses of the thematic assessment have been prepared as part of the HELCOM BLUES project (https://blues.helcom.fi/), where AKTiiVS was involved via sub-contract with the HELCOM secretariat (the project coordinator). AKTiiVS contributed to developing methodologies, information base and assessments for all the analyses and led the sea region socio-economic assessment of the marine ecosystem services (see more about the results of the project at https://blues.helcom.fi/results-and-resources/).

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