The Baltic Sea Stakeholder Conference 2024 – PROTECT BALTIC

March, 2024.

Stakeholders from the Baltic Sea region came together on 29 February 2024 for discussing protection of the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Stakeholder Conference 2024 was the inaugural stakeholder event for the PROTECT BALTIC project. The conference was conducted in a hybrid format at Hanaholmen in Espoo, Finland and online.

The overarching goal of the conference was to create a collaborative space for stakeholders vested in the PROTECT BALTIC project and its objectives. By convening a diverse group of stakeholders, ranging from governmental bodies and environmental organizations to local communities and industry representatives, the conference aimed to cultivate idea generation and knowledge exchange and to facilitate cross-sectoral dialogue and collaboration, paving the way for innovative solutions and collective action towards Baltic Sea protection.

Alongside the main conference, including 21 workshop sessions, a parallel youth event was held online to actively engage young individuals in discussions. In total, 233 participants attended the conference (164 participants attended online, and 69 participants attended in-person).

Read more about the conference here.

Kristīne Pakalniete participated in the conference, representing the company AKTiiVS, which is one of the 17 consortium partners of the PROTECT BALTIC project approved under the Horizon Europe program. Read more about the project here.

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