Economic tools for policy making

Developing tools for evaluating economic and social impacts of policy measures and scenarios

☀︎ With the overall aim of providing sound socio-economic evidence for informed decision-making, we develop methodological and information tools for evaluating economic and social impacts of policy measures and scenarios. 

☀︎ These tools aim at identifying the most efficient solutions and covering relevant socio-economic impacts (positive and negative, direct and indirect, impacts on various sectors and groups of society).

☀︎ We develop and apply:

  • methodological tools that support decision-making, such as scenario building, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit and multi-criteria analysis;
  • information tools that support policy making, e.g. systematized information databases.

☀︎ We have extensive experience in the development and application of such tools, particularly in the contexts of protection and management of aquatic (marine and freshwater) environments and related biodiversity, including on evaluation of measures and policy scenarios in relation to diverse pressures (e.g. nutrient pollution, hydro-morphological pressures, marine litter) and water uses (e.g. coastal recreation, marine protected areas).

☀︎ We develop the tools in close collaboration with relevant experts, stakeholders and policy makers to address policy needs and relevant socio-economic impacts.

Examples of our work in this area (please see the section of our Projects and Publications for more information)

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