Socio-economic assessment of ecosystem services

Measuring, valuing and mapping socio-economic benefits of marine ecosystem services

☀︎ With the overall aim of making ecosystem values visible and supporting the incorporation of these values into policy decision-making, we conduct research on the socio-economic assessment of ecosystem services.

☀︎ We develop the socio-economic assessments for integrated assessments of ecosystem services, enabling to link the ecosystems and provided ecosystem services to human well-being and to assess the welfare impacts of changes in ecosystem conditions and ecosystem services’ supply.

☀︎ Our research provides knowledge, approaches, tools and qualitative, quantitative and monetary evidence for:

  • measuring, valuing and mapping the benefits and diverse socio-economic values associated with ecosystem services;
  • assessing the welfare impacts of changes in the ecosystem services’ supply in environmental and policy scenarios.

☀︎ We have extensive experience in assessing marine ecosystem services, although the approaches and methods are also applicable to other types of ecosystems.

☀︎ Our work as part of national and international research projects allows us to develop novel approaches, knowledge and assessments to support the recognition of ecosystem values and their incorporation into policy decision-making. 

Examples of our work in this area (please see the section of our Projects and Publications for more information)

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